The week on Ameland isl Eu038 what will this year bring us.!!

I started on saterday the 11th of july with the station. My father in Law told me that there was a aluminum mast to put my steppir dipole in.
We arrived on the afternoon and the first thing to do is investigate the location. Where are we going to sleep and where will i put my equipment.
On the back of the house there was the perfect bedroom with enough space for my setup and view to the antenna’s.

ameland setup_640x480 (here the setup on ameland 2009)

How i’m going to put up the steppir dipole. At first i have to find out what is the west and east. Those two direction are the best to go on.
After i found out i asembled the dipole on the alu mast.

IMG_2128 IMG_2130 IMG_2131 IMG_2135
(steppir dipole 20-6m)

Ok let try it out. And sure it works.
My first contact was EN500I on 14.200 what a great signal 9+++.

The second part of the game PFFFF.. the 40mtr dipole. Hope this will work too.
After putting this one up i made a contact on 7049 with DK3KXL ok this works also.

IMG_2140 ( the 40mtr vertikal on the back of the garden)

The result where great. We worked a lot of EU and also outside EU.
WP3UX,PJ4NX,N7AB, And if this is not enough it blows my mind JH8BLE
This was the best Dx i worked on the island. Over 8000KM with only 100w and a dipole.

Total result. 740 qso’s

10m 1 contact
12m 10 contacts
15m 18 contacts
17m 60 contacts
20m 363 contacts
40m 288 contacts

EU 696x
AS 12x
AF 9x
NA 11x
SA 10x

Working condition TS2000 , Steppir Dipole 20-6mtr , Vertikal 40mtr.

Thanks to all who worked me on the isl in 2009. QSL via my home call of Direct.
73″ all and hope i can do this again in 2010 with the same setup.

M@rco PE2MC