There are many programs to run D-star from a computer.
– Dvap-client
– DVaptool
– WinDv

The last is the one i’m running every day. PA4YBR updated the software on a free time base. As you know development takes its time. And nothing is for free. Fred is willing to develope but with a small amount of donation. In that way he will cooperate and update the software to the latest new things in D-star.
I’m now testing the latest  WinDv 1.5.4 with the Dvdongle. Some minor bug are solved in this version

Changes in version 1.5.4:
* Internal module cleanups.
* Fixed some (textual) typos here and there.
* Updated IrcDDB module to properly handle the ddbhosts
database file, and pass its contents back to WinDV.
* Added “-l logpath” commandline option to put logfiles
in a folder other than the system “TEMP” folder.

Changes in version 1.5.3:
* Protocol updates for DPlus, DExtra and DCS to allow
for multiple streams, re-sending of header info and
so on.
* General cleanups and minor changes throughout.
* Added “DVRPTR” to the “Request Feature” list in the
“report a request or bug” item in the Help menu.
* Fully implemented the above after MANY requests for
* Hopefully fixed the strangeness of double voice
messages when sending RF-based LINK/UNLINK commands.