We all know that there are USB to RS232 dongles. There are a few chips that have been used ever sinds.

The populare chips are:

– Prolific
– FT232R

For the DVAP dongle they recommend the FT232R USB UART. At first i hooked up the DVAP dongle windows did install the drivers. I really thought it is working and supported bij Windows. But because i have a Microham and also used a Prolific usb dongle it did install those drivers.
Stable well not at all. Because of the differend driver chip the USB to RS232 was not stable. That triggerd me to find out why. I’ve updated the driver from Prolific to FT232R. I hope i do have a break true and a better and more stable situation then before.

The results are hugh. I used the DAVP dongle for the last couple of days. Well simple. Its working and working ever sinds.

So when you order a DAVP do remember to install the correct USB driver and if you use DVAPtool of WINdv that is a personal issue.

The recommened driver can be found >> HERE <<

What tests will be done:

– Change the firmware from 1.5 to 1.1 ( trying to get it stable)
This did not gave me any better solution to get the connection stable.

– Change the USB driver to FT232R ( testing)
This test gave me the output i wanne to have. A stable USB connection and its working ever sinds.

– Exchange the antenne to outside. ( just to exhange the range)
To exchange the antenne the DVAP dongle is getting a range of 2km in a circle. Thats great with only 10mw output and a vertikal antenne on a highest point of 15mtr.