Ok we all know that D-star can be connected true the internet to a DCS, REF, Xref reflector.
I’ve been reading some articles and found out that the baudrate for the voice data is only 950bytes. This has to work on 3G i would say.
This has never been tested by anyone in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands there is a 3G network that can run on 7,2Mb down and 1Mbps up. The lowest bitrate is 1Mbps some are even faster up tot 14,4Mbps.
Resent i orderd a DVAP Dongle to play arround with.

A friend of mine PD1RB had the splendid idea to hook up his Iphone with his laptop when he is mobile. That on a 3G network.
If then he runs the Dvap Software and connects to a Reflector is should work and you can communicate to repeaters that are on the same Reflector.

Yesterday it was time to test this methode. Will it work. What will happen when you drive. How stable is the connection.

Here the results.

I hooked up my Iphone 3G > laptop > Dvap > IC92D
I connected the software to the DCS007B reflector this one is also connected to the Repeater PI1UTR in IJsselstein.

Results of the test.

Audio is prefect. Only a i did hear a few glides when you change from GSM repeater to GSM repeater.

The buggy part is only the Software and the USB driver of the DVAP dongle. This is crashing from time to time.

The 3G network from t-mobile is stable and works good.
The test did 100% succeeded

PD1RB Raoul Brouns en PE2MC Marco van Dijk