There is a lot to do about the Digital level from a Dvap , DVPTR, Repeater etc etc.

In this item i’m going to tell you how to setup the level height ( Digital shift keying signal) .

I did discovered this when a friend off mine used his ID-31e Icom porto.
The strange behavior of the ID-31 in D-star mode tells you that the Digital level on D-star node is not set ok. The ID-31e will hob arround from FM-DV. There will be no decoding of any d-star signal. Some minor R2D2 will be also possible to hear.

Well here how to setup your Dvnode adapter without any knowledge and gear.

– First take a analog radio and set this in FM on the correct freq.
– The push the PTT of the ID-31 or anything else in Dstar mode. ( You will hear the Digital noise level height ( Digital shift keying) from the radio or Handheld)
– The repeater, hotspot or dvapnode will replay on your signal. The Digital level must be complete the same as from the Handheld.
– If not just configure the Digital level height ( Digital shift keying) on your repeater, hotspot or dvapnode etc as long as needed to get the correct Digital level.
– To recieve the Digital level on your repeater, hotspot or dvapnode from a Handheld or base radio is just using NATools to see if everything is working. ( There is enough information on Internet how to use this)

Now your repeater, hotspot or dvapnode is set to go.

Hope this item helpt you set the correct levels on your D-star module. It needed because many repeater, hotspot or dvapnode are not set correct in the Netherlands.