Still FT5GA is active ( now Qrt). And the new expedition is on AIR ( Also Qrt of Earh quakes). it’s really great again a new dxcc goal. Bert PE2KY called me to tell 3D20CR is active on 17mtr. I forgot to answer him bad luck propagation gone 3D20CR gone. Well what can we do. We have day shifts all week πŸ™ . I came up with a idea. Let we change the begin time of my working hours. No one did complain so i could try to work the expedition !!!yes!!!. The first day monday 6 oktober i did hear the station but the signals where to low. Hmm maybe tommorow. I came out of bed and put everthing in place so i can hit and run. At 5.20 i good hear 3D20CR comming up.Will this be my lucky day. Finnaly at 5.55 UTC i worked them on 17mtr. DXCC 290 in the pocket. I checked the cluster and saw they where active also on 20mtr. If i can hear them i can work them. And lucky me wi worked them also on 20mtr. Tuesday my lucky day in the week πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›


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