Hip Hip Hoereeeee.. Jimme is now 6 Years. We have to celebrate his birthday on the island Bonaire. Most of the time he has to celebrate his birthday on a holliday. When shool is closed he has 4 weeks of before it starts again. AT this time he has his birthday. His first Birthday present is a PSP. He got this allready before we took of with the plane.

Today we celebrate his birthday with a self made cake of cookies and candy’s …. hoereee hoereee.. Jimme is now Six !!!!!

IMG_2437 IMG_2449 IMG_2458

Hoereeeeeeeeee Jimme recieved mail today 20 august 2009

IMG_2664 IMG_2665 IMG_2666

Here a short movie we made in de morning everybody just woke up. He is unpacking his present we bought in kralendijk. He allready saw the present at that time but when he didn’t look i took another one . So the second present was a surprise.

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