Team PJ2T CQWWSSB 2013For the resent CQWWSSB contest 2013 i made a trip to PJ2T. Together with my collegue ( co-worker) Robert PD2UTA and Ton PA1CC we will participate in the contest.

I told Kelly ( N0VD) a long time ago that it would be great someday to be one of the operators of PJ2T. After a while he did ask me in the very early months of 2013. If i would like to participate and never doubt a moment. Later on Ton PA1CC also joined the team and was enthousiast to made the trip. My collegue Robert also joined the team but not as a operator. He wanted to visit curacao as a tourist. Later on Kelly asked him if he would like to be our chef during our stay.

Before the contest i made several qso’s to see what the condition where at that time.
A few flares where spotted just before the contest. Hope that will work out and wont dry out the band.

We did discover lower propagation as of the days before. But had to deal with it. If we have it all the others does.
After the contest we had a big celebration. A new station record was set. There has never been this score over the past years. Over 40 miljoen point in 48 hours.


Contest location


The team we had was excellent and really like a family. I made a lot new friends during my stay in Curacao.
A small video will give you a good sample of the station and the weather conditions on Curacao. Till the next time on any contest location.

Video not available