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Again a new year has past by.  Ton Vermeulen one of the coordinators of this event ask me again if we like to participate again.
At first i needed to ask Thom PA9T if he was available to help out. His answer was straight forward YES  of course.

Again me and my friend PA9T Thom participate in the Jota Joti event at scouting Cliffort Reichtert te Lopik.
We made a lot of new friends on the band. And the 2 Element Steppir was working perfect.

Some Contacts we made during the event.


A lot of Young scouts made new fiends all over the world. Most of them where helped by Thom to make contacts on 2mtr with other Jota station. One youngster ask me if he could listen to the signals on HF. Amazing that he could here the USA. So far and with this kind of communication so close. Thom and i are looking back to a weekend that was perfect. See ya all next year in the Jota Joti event.

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73″ Marco PE2MC And Thom PA9T   sk  ( PE2MC/J)



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