HSB6__02502_zoomIn the years of contesting its always a problem to hook up a second Headphone.
Not many radio’s got a second headphone, so  that  other people can listen too.

Well there is a solution to deal with this. Make a headphone splitter box. Or you can buy a splitter box.


Even a complete website is devoted to a splitter box http://www.pituch.net/Steve%27s%20Page/Radio/Audio%20Breakout%20Box/Audio%20Breakout%20Box.htm. One word Wauw !!!
In the year i have become a buyer of DX.com the company and website is amazing me again and again.  A program cable 6 in 1 this i wrote in my resent post.  Handheld radio’s and that for prices you won’t believe.

Again DX.com got i think a nice tool for hamradio.  >>>>>  CLICK HERE <<<< .  The price just 4,75 dollar and shipping is free. WOOT WOOT!!!!!



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