Lot of people think internet is the new communication way. Hamradio is old, grey and not something we use these days.
On my last post you saw that even youngster did get there license. So old?  Now way. Hamradio is still going and it looks like more and more people find there way to get there License.

Hamradio Operators see the internet as a feature . And it brings people closer. But without power Hamradio is still alive. And the Internet is down.

Feature to use with hamdradio we all know.

– Cluster
– Online log
– Webcam
– Livelog
– Website
– mobile apps

A good friend of mine made a great feature on his own website. A live log that we also used during the dxpedition 10-10-2010. And if it’s not enough a live webcam with a small delay of 30 sec.

Just check it out. www.n0vd.com




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