9J3A is a call issued to Niko, S53A. This is his second acctivity from Zambia. Date:   25. – 30. November 2009 +/- few days, mostly in the CQWW CW DX Contest, but some after and prior to CQWW Contest operation is also possible.

He will operate from the rainforest, under the tent, with generator. There’s no electricity, neither Cell-phone signal.  It could be very dangerous, a lot of poisonous insects, snakes, crocodiles, wild pigs or even lions can visit your tent in the middle of the night. All you can do from your side is to help him by not to call 9J3A on his transmit frequency. He will always be listening UP! Try to listen to the operators rhythm. Short calls, only once per 1 QSO period will normaly do. There are hundreds callers each time, so some waiting time is normal. Niko is an excellent CW operator, one of the best I met.

  Niko building the Spiderbeam NIKO4 9j3a0101

QSL cards goes to S57S  (not S53A, not S57A)

Aleksander Zagar,  Golisce 132,  SI-1281 SLOVENIA

I will send QSL Cards also via QSL Buro, but on the request only!  I still prefer Direct, because we have some other info-material to put in the letter too.

Self-adhesive (Pull&seal type) envelope (if you can find some) would be much desired. Don’t forget to put your address on.

About the money for Direct mail:  Up to 2$ or 1 IRC  (NEW one with expire date 31. 12. 2013) for direct mail or 3$ or more for AIR Mail. I will NOT accept old IRC’s. All cards with no green stamp or those with old IRC-s will be send back via the BURO. That’s the new IRC I’m talking about. 

The QSL cards was printed in Russia, by UA6HPR QSL print service and we are more than satisfied by his work and quality.


You can look at his web:   www.ruqsl.ru

I hope you will enjoy this QSL card as much as was I prepering and distibuting it now. Paper cards are still well alive and welcome!

73, Aleksander, S57S


( info qrz.com)

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