Chasing again Dx. That is the way i like HF.  Working as many slots from any dxpedition.
It not to prove myself against another. But im having fun to reach the highest score for myself.
Also the 3 modes i like to work. SSB, CW and RTTY.
From the first moment 7O6T was starting even i had no chance to work it on 20mtr. What a pile up.
In one word asume. Also the Rtty pile is so hugh that working 7o6t will take you hours.

A most wanted dxcc is getting a pile up thats for sure.
5th of may i worked 7O6T on 30 and 40mtr. But people where spotting that they went qrt. I always say Work first Worry later.

And lucky this became later for real 🙂

The final goal also for this Dxpedition is the Full house option. the 14th of may we reached this status.

No rtty on 30m and 40mtr has been done. So there are no more slots to work.

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