Giorgio, IZ4AKS will be active from Rodrigues Island (AF-017) between August 28 – September 4. This will be a holiday-style operation and not a dedicated expedition.

During his free time, he will concentrate on 10-40m, using a FT-897D (100w) and a vertical placed near the ocean. Prior to and after his Rodrigues activity, Giorgio may also operate from Mauritius (AF-049). Valuable assistance in obtaining a license and logistics goes to 3B8CF & 3B9WR.


The preminent activity will be from Rodrigues Island (3B9), the transmission from Mauritius Island (3B8) is just because I need to collect the licence in Port Luis. So I arranged few days of holidays also on in the main land of this Republic.

IOTAFor few days I will transmit from a resort in the eastern part of Mauritius ( Iota AF-49), with a perfect path beaming Europe and USA. On saturday morning, I will flyt to Rodrigues with the daily ATR of Air Mauritius.

During my stay on the Island of Rodrigues I will be at the Cotton Bay Hotel. This hotel is the same of other previous and impressive dxpedition, so I feel myself shine to go in the same place, but in the island this is a really hamradio-friendly location.
During the activity I will be difficulties to check the email, and for sure I will not have any dxcluster to follow your comments. Sorry for this, but this is a “one man show” dxpedition in holiday style. So, I will be focused just few moment each day at the radio.
WLOTAIf, and when you listen me, remember my working condition: 100w and verticals. Time to time I will transmit with no more than 50W because in CW and RTTY the Vertical made by I1UJX require just 50 watts. So be patience and keep oll this thing in mind. Imagine this a IOTA expedition or something like that.

During my last experiences on the air I discover that time to time this is an hobby and I can take it easy!

Thanks to an email of Fredy, DE0MST, I discovered that my activity as 3B9/IZ4AKS will be valid for the WLOTA award. Frankly, I never followed any Lighthouse’s award, but this reference will make some “aficionados” really happy and I will add this LH 4265 on the QSL card.

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